Bringing boutique poultry from their farm to your table by Mishpacha

Who is Pelleh?

In the early 80’s, R’ Refoel Franklin (featured in Mishpacha issue 505), a longtime shochet, noticed some real problems within the kashrus of the meat market. After seeking guidance of his rebbe, R’ Freifeld, he was told that he can’t change the world or other’s standards. What he could do is open his own poultry plant, so that those who seek premier standards in kashrus will have a place to go. And so, together with R’ Dovid Miller, the Rav Hamachshir, Pelleh was born!

The company is now run by R’Refoel and his son, Eliezer. Baruch Hashem, in the last 30 years, the kashrus of the industry as a whole has improved significantly.

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