For over 25 years Pelleh Poultry has run its small, family-owned abattoir under the direct hasgacha of Harav Dovid Miller Shlita. We have insured the highest and most stringent standards of kashrus for the discerning kosher consumer — direct from our farm to your home. Now, Pelleh Poultry is pleased to make our small-batch, handcrafted charcuterie available for your family to enjoy.

Today’s sophisticated kosher consumer is always on the lookout for innovative new products — and Pelleh Poultry’s artisinal duck line more than fits the bill.

Because Pelleh uses an old-fashioned Long Island duck breed, its whole ducks and specialty duck items have an intense, delicious duck flavor that just might make chicken and beef lovers rethink their protein of choice.

Free of antibiotics and growth hormones, Pelleh ducks and specialty duck items are produced in accordance with the most exacting kashrus standards in the industry.

Yours truly,
Eliezer Franklin and the Pelleh family

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