Duck Rillettes

Duck Rillettes

What are Rillettes? Rillettes are a traditional rustic French delicacy, similar to pâté. Originally a method of food preservation, rillettes are prepared by cooking chopped and salted meat slowly in its own fat over low heat until it is completely broken down and tender. Then it is shredded and blended with the cooking fat and herbs and seasonings to make a thick, delicious spread.

Our handcrafted rillettes are a tasty twist on a traditional French recipe, featuring our locally sourced tender and succulent Pekin duck and the finest herbs and spices.

Pelleh duck rillettes are best served at room temperature, spread on a slice of crusty baguette or toast points.


Duck meat, Rendered Duck Fat, Duck stock (Duck bones, celery, carrot, onion, celery root, parsnip, turnip, garlic, salt, spices)   Cured duck (Duck, water, brown sugar, salt, sodium phosphate, fresh garlic, spices, ascorbic acid, sodium nitrite, natural wood smoke) fresh onion, Fresh garlic, salt, spices.



What are Rillettes? Rillettes are a traditional French dish similar to pate prepared in a manner to preserve duck or other poultry.

Our handcrafted rillette is a tasty twist on an age old traditional french rillette made of locally sourced Duck and the finest herbs and produce.

Duck Rillettes are best when served at room temperature on a crusty baguette, or toast points.