Apricot Ginger Duck Sausage

Apricot Ginger Duck Sausage

Apricot and Ginger go together like peanut butter and jelly. The slight tartness of apricot pairs superbly with sweet yet spicy flavors of the ginger. There is no doubt that this sausage will be a real crowd pleaser time and time again. This sausage can be enjoyed hot off the grill, pan seared or added to your favorite dish.


Duck, Duck Gizzards, Dried Apricot, Fresh Ginger, Water, Spices, Fresh Garlic, Sugar, Salt, Sodium Phosphate, Nitrites, Ascorbic Acid


This product began its journey as a Pekin duck humanely raised on a local family-owned farm without hormones or antibiotics. We combined the duck’s delicate meat with our proprietary blend of seasonings, dried apricot, fresh ginger, and a touch of love. The mixture was then hand stuffed and smoked with a hardwood blend of sweet maple, beech and birch to produce this amazingly unique sausage.